Scooter Accidents

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How Scooters Work

Electric scooters like those owned by Bird and Line allow people to conveniently get from Point A to Point B with a little boost. They are like traditional scooters – two wheels and a handlebar – except they are also equipped with an electric throttle and a brake.

Like rental bikes, scooters can be rented through an app and picked up and dropped off throughout Denver. Unfortunately, scooters are often seen strewn across the city because there are no set pick-up or drop-off spots.

Why Scooters Can be Dangerous

As pleasant as the idea of whipping around town on two wheels may be, scooters pose a significant safety risk. A Denver scooter accident lawyer at our firm will tell you that there are certain specific factors that make scooters dangerous, both for those riding them and anyone else nearby.

  • User error: Scooters can be rented by just about anyone at any time, regardless of whether the person has ever been on one of the vehicles. Novice riders yet to get the hang of them may have trouble controlling their scooters and staying out of traffic.
  • Rider distraction: Like drivers, scooter riders can be distracted by using a cell phone, listening to music, talking to other riders or simply taking their eyes off the road.
  • Sidewalk riding: Scooters are treated like bicycles in Denver, which means riders must keep them in the street or designated bike lanes. Still, riders can often be seen operating the vehicles on sidewalks, raising the risk of crashing into pedestrians.
  • No Helmet: Riders are not currently required to wear helmets, and many choose not to strap up before jumping on. That raises the risk of a head injury in the event of an accident.
  • Speed: Electric scooters travel faster than the human-powered types that require you to use your own feet and momentum to keep going. Topping out at about 15 miles per hour increases the likelihood of injury when collisions happen.
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No matter the cause of a crash, anyone injured in an accident involving a scooter has the right to seek compensation for those injuries. A Denver scooter accident attorney at Levine Law can help.

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