Cases & Verdicts

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Wrongful Death Trial: An 88-year-old woman was admitted to a nursing home for short term rehabilitation. When she entered the facility, she had a Foley catheter, which needed to be monitored. The nursing home failed to clean and monitor the catheter, which lead to the client developing a urinary tract infection. She later died from the infection.



Workers Compensation: A mentally disabled individual was in a supervised work program. The individual was left unsupervised and ended up diving into an above ground pool which caused partial paralysis.



Motor Vehicle Accident/Workers Compensation: A mechanic was driving from Glenwood Springs to deliver a repair vehicle. He was involved in a rollover accident, which caused partial paralysis. The insurance company attempted to deny benefits to our client.

$1,800,000.00 for the teacher | $185,000.00 for her husband.


Motor Vehicle Accident: Teacher and her husband were rear-ended by a truck, which caused back injuries to both. Teacher had multiple back surgeries, the husband a back surgery as well.



Motor Vehicle Accident: Motor vehicle collision where the driver went through a red light and collided with the client, breaking his leg.



Workers Compensation: Client was a maintenance manager and fell on ice while opening a gate. Client underwent back surgery.



Pedestrian/Motor Vehicle Accident: While the pedestrian was crossing the street, a driver went through a red light and struck our client. The client sustained two broken legs and was hospitalized for one week.



Motor Vehicle Accident: Truck accident causing neck, back and abdominal injuries.


(Cash lump sumplus lifetime benefits.)


Workers Compensation: Client was working on a roof when his feet became entangled in an extension cord, causing him to fall. He sustained a spinal cord injury.



Motorcycle/Auto: Client was riding his motorcycle when the Defendant pulled out in front of him, causing the client to roll over the hood of the Defendant’s car. Client broke his left leg, which required several surgeries.

$392,000 + Interest


Premises Liability: A tenant leased an apartment that had an interior staircase with defective stairs. A year and a half into her tenancy, the tenant fell down the stairs and broke her ankle. Medical bills were approximately 77,000. The insurance company offered $500 to settle the case



Motor Vehicle Accident Trial: A pilot was rear-ended and sustained a neck injury causing very little property damage. The neck injury affected his vision.



Auto Accident: Client was rear-ended and suffered injuries to his neck, shoulder, hand, and wrist. Client had a series of epidural injections.



Auto/Uninsured Motorist: Client was involved in a rear-end accident involving three cars. Client suffered a sprained hand and a cracked vertebra that did not require surgery.


( Plus $56,000.00 in medical account for future expenses. )


Workers Compensation: A housewife fell and broke her ankle while on the job. She had surgery to repair it.

Colorado Court of Appeals Decision: In Crowell vs. ICAO, Jordan Levine made history, shaping the law that penalizes insurance companies for improperly handling claims. In Crowell, Marriott Corporation denied a necessary surgery for Ms. Crowell for 184 days. While the Court found that a penalty was to apply, it only awarded it for one day. Mr. Levine took the case to the Colorado Court of Appeals and changed the law to now instruct judges that they must award penalties for ongoing conduct for each and every day the violation/denial continues. In this case, the Court remanded the case to the Judge to enter an Order consistent with Its decision that the penalty shall be for 184 days.

Past results to do not guarantee or predict future outcomes.”