Passenger and Child Injuries

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Liability for Passenger Injuries in Denver Car Accidents

A passenger who is injured in a car accident in Colorado has the right to seek money damages from those responsible for the crash. That includes compensation for the financial, physical and emotional consequences of the accident.

To get that compensation, you generally have to be able to prove that the driver of your car, another driver or another person or entity caused the accident. Drivers in Colorado are generally required to operate their cars in a reasonably safe manner and are legally liable for any accidents that happen when they fail to do so.

You also have to be able to depict the full extent of any injuries resulting from the accident. That often means providing detailed medical records and other information to describe how the injury has impacted you and the likely future effects of the crash.

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Filing an Insurance Claim for Child and Passenger Injuries

A passenger injured in an auto accident can file a third-party claim with the insurer for the driver at fault in the crash. The passenger can file multiple claims in accidents involving more than one vehicle.

Anyone looking to file a third-party claim in Colorado should first consult a Denver passenger injury lawyer. Insurers rarely have your best interests at the top of their priorities lists and often will aggressively push lowball settlements. An attorney can help you ensure that you are fairly compensated for your injuries.

When insurers refuse to settle, a seasoned Denver passenger injury attorney at our firm will take your case to court by filing a lawsuit. That allows a jury to sort out how much one driver or another is responsible for the crash and a judge to order insurers and other responsible parties to pay money damages.

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