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5 Tips to Help You Avoid a Car Accident

The Denver auto accident attorneys at Levine Law know firsthand just how much an automobile accident can change the lives of everyone involved. Depending on the severity of the accident, accident victims can face months or even years of surgeries, rehabilitation and mounting medical costs.

Anyone who turns on the news is well aware that accidents take place on a daily basis throughout Denver and the rest of the country. Nevertheless, there are ways to avoid being involved in an automobile collision. The following tips are provided to help area drivers stay as safe as possible on the road. Maintaining safe driving habits is key to helping you avoid collisions.

Tip #1 – Learn How to Drive in a Variety of Driving Conditions

Bad weather is certainly not uncommon in Denver. That said, it is important for drivers to familiarize themselves with driving in a variety of conditions ranging from rain to snow and ice. Quite often, poor driving conditions require drivers to slow down and brake sooner than what would normally be necessary. Ultimately, if the weather is too bad and traveling is not a must, drivers are encouraged to simply stay home.

Tip #2 – Watch Out for Those Blind Spots

Most drivers are aware of the fact that their vehicles have blind spots. Still, knowing what to do to avoid a collision with a vehicle that may be in your blind spot is crucial. First, you are encouraged to adjust all of your mirrors (side and rearview) specifically for your needs and height. Once the mirrors are set, use them to make sure that it is safe to change lanes and/or turn. It is also important for drivers to turn their heads for a quick glance prior to changing lanes, as doing so will likely help avoid a blind spot incident.

Tip #3 – Always Look Ahead

You may have heard others say, “You have to drive for yourself and the people in front of you.” That statement is very true, as you should make sure to scan the roadway in all directions ahead of you when traveling.  Doing so will help improve your odds of seeing a possible issue ahead of time, which will allow you to react appropriately to the situation.

Tip #4 – Be Nice to Others on the Road

Courtesy goes a long way both on and off the road. All too often, accidents can take place when attempting to deal with aggressive and/or inattentive drivers. Being courteous to others on the road can help lower your chances of being involved in an accident.

Tip #5 – Avoid Distractions

When operating a motor vehicle, it is crucial for drivers to focus solely on the task at hand –driving. Any type of distraction, even one as simple as changing the radio station, takes your attention of the road. Even a short diversion can result in a serious accident that can leave victims with substantial injuries.

If you or someone you love has been injured in an auto accident, contact Levine Law as soon as possible.

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