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A Denver Bus Accident Attorney Shares Important Information About RTD Bus Accidents

Regional Transportation District (RTD) buses provide an essential service for people across Denver, helping them commute to and from work and around town. However, the buses also pose a safety threat given the sheer size of these vehicles and the amount of time they spend on the road. RTD bus accidents can and do happen, often resulting in serious and even fatal injuries. Whether you are a bus passenger, car driver, motorcyclist, bicycle rider, or pedestrian injured in a crash, RTD bus accidents can also raise complicated questions about who is responsible for the injuries caused. An experienced Denver bus accident attorney at Levine Law can help you understand your rights and options. 

Why Are Bus Drivers Often to Blame?

According to data compiled by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, some 15,000 people across the country are injured in accidents involving buses each year. In addition, at least 225 people are killed in those crashes.

In Denver, RTD bus accidents can happen in several different ways and be caused by a wide variety of factors. Bus driver mistakes, fatigue, and negligence are often to blame.

Some of the most common causes of RTD bus accidents include:

  • Speeding: Bus drivers are often on strict schedules and may exceed speed limits to catch up when delayed. This puts everyone on the bus and the road at risk.
  • Distracted driving: Bus drivers spend long shifts behind the wheel, leading to fatigue and distraction. That, in turn, may reduce the driver’s ability to react to traffic and keep passengers safe.
  • Driver mistake: Driver errors like ignoring traffic signs, making improper turns, and failing to see other vehicles on the road increase the risk of collisions.
  • Malfunctioning vehicles or equipment: Drivers and bus operators are expected to take certain steps to ensure their vehicles and equipment are in good working order. They sometimes, however, cut corners by skipping regular maintenance and inspection or allowing buses to hit the road despite known defects.
  • Road conditions: Harsh weather conditions, particularly during the winter months, pose a hazard for buses and other vehicles. They reduce the margin for error and increase the potential for disaster.

How Can a Denver Bus Accident Attorney Help Me?

Anyone who has been injured in an accident involving an RTD bus should seek the advice of an experienced lawyer.

Bus drivers (and their employers) are typically liable for accidents caused by the driver’s negligence. However, bus accidents often involve multiple vehicles and witnesses and can raise complicated questions about who is to blame. Not to mention that RTD is a public service: seeking compensation from a state or local government comes with several unique issues.

A seasoned Denver bus accident attorney at Levine Law can help you evaluate your case, identify those responsible, and weigh your options for seeking money damages.

Our lawyers are pleased to serve clients throughout Colorado, including in Denver, Colorado Springs, Ft. Collins, and Loveland. Contact us online to speak with a Denver bus accident attorney.

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