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Allstate’s 2016 Best Drivers Report: Colorado Makes the List Again

Allstate Insurance has released its 2016 Best Drivers Report, and while Colorado drivers did not make the top 10 this time, several cities throughout the state fell within the top 50 cities on the list of 200.

For instance, Fort Collins was number 17 on the list of cities with the best drivers, while Colorado Springs drivers were at number 21, drivers in Lakewood were at number 33 and Thornton drivers were at number 41. Denver and Aurora fell further down the list, ranking at 117 and 129, respectively.

The Report’s Findings

Drivers in Brownsville, Texas topped the list at number one, and Allstate notes that the drivers in that city drive an average of a little over 14 years between crashes.

Taking a look at Fort Collins, which ranked number 17, drivers in that city average 11.5 years between crashes. Drivers in Colorado Springs average 11.3 years between collisions, while those in Lakewood go about 10.8 years between crashes and Thornton drivers average 10.5 years.

Allstate further notes that about 26 percent of collisions occur because of distracted driving and commented that the average driver in the United State will be involved in a collision every 10 years.

Keeping Yourself Safe While Driving

Denver automobile accident lawyers know firsthand how devastating automobile accidents can be on accident victims and their families. While Allstate’s report shows that some cities are safer to drive in than others, it is clear from daily news reports that accidents happen on a routine basis.

That being the case, Allstate has offered a number of “safe driving” tips for drivers all throughout the country. First, drivers are encouraged to maintain a safe distance between their automobile and the vehicle in front of them. Rear-end collisions tend to occur due to a driver following a vehicle too closely.

Also, when operating a motor vehicle, it is important for drivers to avoid eating, talking on the phone, texting or performing any other distracting acts that take away their focus on the road. Along those same lines, drivers should always remain alert when driving and be ready to slow down or stop for emergency vehicles, drivers who are in the process of parking, cabs picking up or dropping off passengers and/or pedestrians.

If you are driving during inclement weather, be sure to give yourself more than enough time to reach your destination. Operating the motor vehicle at a safe speed is imperative, particularly in bad weather, as attempting to stop in rainy or snowy weather can be very tricky.

Finally, all drivers are encouraged to ensure their vehicles are properly maintained prior to hitting the road. At the very least, drivers should check to ensure the brake lights and headlights are in proper working order, as well as the windshield wipers and brakes.

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