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Auto Accident Victims: Be Sure Not to Make These Common Post-Accident Mistakes

A large number of motor vehicles travel throughout the Denver area on a daily basis. With so many automobiles on the road at any given time, the likelihood of being involved in an automobile accident increases.

That being the case, most Denver auto accident attorneys will tell you that if you or someone you love has been injured in an automobile accident, it is imperative for you to seek medical attention right away — and be sure to avoid making the following mistakes that many accident victims make after a crash.

Contact Law Enforcement After an Accident Involving Injuries — It’s the Law

Neglecting to contact the police after an accident resulting injuries is against the law in Colorado and many other states. While it is understandable that some people may not want to get the police involved, do not make the mistake of not contacting law enforcement anyway — no matter how bad you may feel for the other individual begging you not to do so.

This is particularly important to do because the at-fault party may provide inaccurate information to the insurance company about how the crash happened. If you contact the police, a record will be made of the incident in the form of an accident report and a proper investigation will be done, thus discouraging the possibility of false statements being made by anyone involved in the incident.

Don’t Delay Your Medical Care — It Could Cost You in a Number of Ways

All too often, accident victims believe they are “okay” after a crash occurs; however, it is important to understand that some injuries do not manifest until much later. Even if you believe you’re fine, you are encouraged to seek prompt medical attention after the crash. Doing so will ensure that you are properly diagnosed and any injuries sustained will be documented by the physician.

Injured parties should note that insurance companies love to argue about the seriousness of your injuries, noting that if you were really hurt, you would have sought medical attention right away. Such an argument could make it harder for you to sway a jury or convince an insurer that your injuries are serious and require substantial compensation.

Taking the Blame for the Accident — Never a Good Idea

Some individuals will immediately admit their fault in an auto crash; however, doing so is never recommended. When you admit fault, that means you are willing to take responsibility for the accident and all it entails. In the alternative, allow law enforcement to investigate the crash and make a determination regarding fault. Tell the police what happened as you remember it, but do not volunteer any information beyond what is asked of you. It may turn out that something else led to the occurrence of the accident.

Exaggerating or Faking Injuries Will Surely Impact Your Claim — And Not in a Good Way

Depending on the severity of an accident and the injuries sustained, your attorney may seek compensation for pain and suffering as part of the requested damages. But attempting to claim that your injuries are more serious than they really are will do your case far more harm than good.

In some instances, an insurer will hire its own investigator to watch you and tape your activities to see if you are being truthful about the extent of your injuries. If you claim that your back is seriously injured such that you are unable to lift anything, but you are observed lifting a huge bag of dog food at your local big box store, your credibility will be immediately ruined and your claim may suffer irreparable harm.

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