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Broncos Quarterback Wilson Flips Golf Cart in Accident

Russell Wilson was fortunate to walk away uninjured after the Denver Broncos quarterback and a teammate were in a scary golf cart accident in the metro area.

Wilson was sitting in the passenger seat of a golf cart at Arrowhead Golf Course in Littleton when the vehicle reportedly flipped over and into a bunker. Broncos safety Justin Simmons was reportedly behind the wheel at the time of the crash.

The precise cause of the collision was unclear. Local sports media personality Mat Smith suggested that Wilson may have been looking for his golf ball when the cart struck the bunker. A man who was playing behind Wilson and Simmons said the cart got too close to the bunker, locked up and flipped after Simmons put it in reverse and clipped the bunker.

Smith, a radio host for 104.3 The Fan, posted a photo of the overturned cart on Twitter. The story was later picked up by Sports Illustrated, the New York Post and Out There Colorado, among other outlets.

Wilson later confirmed the incident, also via Twitter. “The real question is did we get from the bunker to the green,” the quarterback, who played his first season with the Broncos last year, joked in a Tweet.

New Broncos coach Sean Payton also cracked a joke about the accident. He was asked in an interview about players joining the team for voluntary off-season workouts.

“I don’t want the players to feel like they’re pulling into the parking lot coming to football practice in April,” Payton said, according to CBS Sports. “That’s just not happening. It’s great to see these guys around. Hopefully, we can keep the golf carts upright. No meetings, just weight room and running.”

Golf Cart Crashes Are No Laughing Matter

Wilson and Simmons were unscathed and seemed to get a laugh out of the incident, but the truth is that golf cart accidents can result in serious and even life-threatening injuries.

Nearly 16,000 people across the US are sent to the emergency room with injuries from golf cart accidents every year. These crashes can cause serious injuries because drivers and passengers have little physical protection in the event of a collision.

Children and older adults are particularly at risk. 

The average rate of traumatic brain injuries in golf cart crashes is three times higher for kids than adults. The rate is about two times that of seniors injured in these accidents.

One of the biggest risks in a golf cart accident is that drivers and passengers may be ejected from their vehicles. Ejections often happen when a cart stops short or makes a sharp turn.

There are some steps that golf cart owners can take to limit ejection and other risks. That starts with equipping their vehicles with working seat belts. These safety devices keep drivers and passengers in their seats, particularly during rollover accidents in which the vehicle’s canopy and side structure provide some protection.

Many golf carts come without seat belts. That is because they are designed for the golf course. The lack of seat belts is meant to accommodate golfers who frequently get in and out of the vehicles while they are playing. Fortunately, golf carts can be easily upgraded to include seat belts at minimal expense.

There are several other basic safety precautions that can protect golf cart drivers, passengers and everyone sharing a path or road with them. 

Drivers are expected to abide by traffic laws when operating carts off of the golf course. They should refrain from dangerous activity at all times and use the cart’s horn liberally to make others aware of their presence in intersections and elsewhere.

Drivers and passengers would stay seated and keep their arms and legs inside the vehicles while they are moving. 

Compensation for Injuries in Golf Cart Accidents

A person who is injured in a golf cart accident in Colorado – whether it is on the green or elsewhere – has the right to hold those responsible for the crash accountable for their actions. 

That includes by seeking money damages for medical bills and other costs related to the crash.

Colorado law requires the drivers of all types of vehicles – including cars, trucks, motorcycles and golf carts – to operate them in a reasonably safe manner. Drivers must obey speed limits and traffic signs, stay attentive while on the road and refrain from texting and driving or getting behind the wheel while intoxicated.

Golf cart manufacturers, meanwhile, have a responsibility to design and produce vehicles that are reasonably safe to use. 

When drivers and manufacturers do not live up to their responsibilities, they are likely to be considered negligent and legally responsible for any accidents that happen as a result.

Colorado Wrongful Death Claims

In the tragic event that a person is killed in a golf cart or other accident in Colorado, his or her loved ones have the right to compensation for wrongful death. The monetary damages in these cases include compensation for medical and burial costs as well as the loss of the person’s financial and emotional support.

Colorado law limits who can pursue a wrongful death case to spouses, children and parents. In the event that a person dies without a spouse, child or parent, the personal representative of his or her estate can sue for wrongful death.

A wrongful death claim will never allow you to replace a loved one or turn back the clock and stop a crash from happening. It can, however, ease some of the monetary strain that often comes with losing a family member.

Speak With a Denver Personal Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been injured in a golf cart or other vehicle accident in Colorado, an experienced Denver personal injury lawyer at Levine Law can help. Our attorneys combine decades of experience and a strong track record of success in the courtroom and through negotiated settlements.

Our lawyers are pleased to serve clients throughout Colorado, including in Denver, Colorado Springs, Ft. Collins and Loveland. Call us at 303-333-8000 or contact us online to speak with a Denver personal injury lawyer.

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