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Can Dashboard Cameras Help You After An Accident?

When most people think of dashboard cameras, they may imagine the kinds in police cars that are designed to protect the officer and serve as a witness (should something happen that is out of the officer’s control) or to show what took place outside of the vehicle. In recent years, however, dashboard cameras have become more and more popular for ordinary people who do not have any affiliation with law enforcement.

Dash Cam Usage Is Rising

This rise in popularity has certainly piqued our interest. And our own findings seem to make sense. After an accident — whether it is one you’ve been involved in or one you have seen — there’s a high chance that you’ll have difficulty remembering the exact moments before the collision took place.

While you may think you recall the series of events that led to the incident, it can be difficult to say for sure. Enter, the dashboard camera. With the ability to objectively observe the situation outside of your front window, you can trust that it’s going to tell the truth after an accident. Regardless of what you believe you saw, a camera has the power to recall every moment in precise detail.

Another bonus? They can be invaluable in hit and run crashes, especially when the police can’t find any footage of the collision on their own.

Now, doesn’t that sound like a worthy investment? Protecting yourself and others — not a bad idea, is it?

Although these cameras can be useful in settling disputes and getting the story straight, they could also be incriminating — particularly if you happen to be the driver who caused the crash.   

At the moment, dashcam usage is not yet listed as an insurance discount or incentive. However, if this technology proves to be useful at improving road safety, there’s a chance that insurance companies could take note and provide certain advantages to their drivers who have taken the extra step to both protect themselves and be totally transparent.

Ultimately, It’s Your Choice

Whether you choose to have a dashboard camera in your vehicle is completely up to you. As a Denver auto accident attorney, we are always interested in devices that may increase road safety and keep drivers protected.

That said, we understand that it’s not always possible to remain safe on the road. So if you’ve been injured or otherwise involved in an accident, you do not have to handle your legal case alone. Feel free to contact us. We’ll set up an initial consultation, listen to your story, and help get you back on your feet as soon as possible.

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