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Colorado Girl Killed in Sledding Accident

This is the time of year when Colorado becomes a winter — and winter sports — wonderland. Unfortunately, a tragic sledding accident in Park County is a reminder of the safety hazards that can come with heading out in the snow.

An 11-year-old girl died in late November after she slid under the truck that was pulling her sled on a snow-covered road, according to the Denver Post. The accident remained under investigation at the time of the paper’s report, but Colorado State Patrol officials said there was no evidence that drugs or alcohol played a role.

A man in a Ford F250 pickup truck was pulling four sleds at the time, a local NBC News affiliate reports. He stopped the truck when one of the other sledders fell off of her sled. Although two others were able to stop their sleds in time, the fourth girl was not able to stop and reportedly struck the vehicle’s undercarriage.

Sledding while strapped to the back of a moving car is not the only dangerous winter activity. Skiers also face serious safety risks when they hit the slopes each year. 

An 83-year-old woman, for instance, was killed in a skiing accident in February after falling off the edge of a halfpipe in Aspen. A 25-year-old skier died a month earlier after losing control on an intermediate run in Winter Park.

Our Denver Accident Lawyer Discusses the Legal Rights for Family Members of Individuals Killed in Accidents

There is no way to fully understand the pain and devastation that comes with losing a loved one in an accident unless you have personally experienced the tragedy.

At Levine Law, our attorneys have dedicated our careers to helping people injured in accidents and assisting people who lose a loved one, whether it is in a sledding collision, a skiing mishap, or a car crash.

The family members of a person who dies in an accident have the right to seek compensation from those responsible, which may include negligent drivers, reckless ski slope operators, and defective product makers, among others. 

Colorado courts weigh a number of factors when determining how much compensation to award to the family of a fatal accident victim. To get to that step, you first need to be able to prove a wrongful death claim. 

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