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Colorado Police Officer Killed in Head-On Crash

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A police officer in Commerce City was recently killed in a tragic car accident that also claimed the life of a local resident.

Detective Curt Holland had been on the job for four years before the deadly crash on Highway 2 in Commerce City. The 37-year-old Holland and 32-year-old Francesca Dominguez were victims of a chain reaction accident.

The collision occurred when a pickup truck crossed into oncoming traffic on Highway 2, according to a local CBS News affiliate. The truck struck Holland’s unmarked sport utility vehicle before plowing into another vehicle, driven by Dominguez. 

Holland was the father of two small children, according to the report.

“Detective Holland was an exceptional police officer, a devoted husband and father and a great man,” Commerce City Police Chief Clint Nichols said in a statement following the accident. “He was an exceedingly bright person with a great attitude. He was one of our most enthusiastic employees and almost always had a smile on his face.”

The driver of the pickup truck was also injured in the accident. Police officers said they are looking into whether alcohol or speed contributed to the crash.

Legal Rights for the Family of People Killed in Accidents

The family of a person killed in a car accident in Colorado has the right to seek money damages from those responsible for the crash. That typically requires bringing a claim for wrongful death.

No amount of compensation can replace a loved one or turn back the hands of time and prevent a crash from happening. It can, however, ease the financial strain that often comes with losing a family member.

To prove a wrongful death claim you have to be able to identify the person or entity responsible for the crash. That may be a negligent driver, a car manufacturer that puts a defective vehicle on the road, or a government agency that leaves driving surfaces in dangerous condition.

A Denver car accident lawyer at Levine Law can help you build the strongest possible case for money damages. This includes investigating the accident, compiling evidence to prove liability and gathering the documentation needed to fully detail the effects of the crash.

How a Denver Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car or other accident in Colorado, a Denver car accident lawyer at Levine Law can help you get the full compensation available under the law.

Our attorneys combine decades of experience helping people injured in head-on accidents get the money they deserve. We are committed to guiding clients through the legal process with experience and personalized attention.

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