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Denver Billboard Warns Against Driving While High

by  on  Car Accidents & Motor Vehicle Collisions

For most people, the warnings to not drink and drive are pretty familiar. We’ve all heard the statistics and seen the destruction that can happen when drivers choose to get behind the wheel while intoxicated.  It’s common knowledge that drunk driving is a poor choice, and one that often results in death.

However, one warning you may not be as familiar with is the warning to not drive while high. For citizens of Colorado, the legal nature of marijuana offers freedom of choice but also places an extra burden of responsibility. So, while it’s wonderful to live in a state that allows us personal freedom, it’s important to remember that it also requires us to place a little more thought behind our driving choices.

A billboard from the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is here to reinforce that.

If you’ve driven past 1552 Curtis Street in downtown Denver, you may have spotted CDOT’s latest initiative to keep drivers safe. The 3-D billboard, standing at 28 feet tall, is pretty hard to miss. And the image is just as hard to forget. On it, a mangled car is shaped like a joint with the words, “Hits Lead To Hits. Don’t Drive High.”

And, just so the message is always clear, it even lights up at night.

Although marijuana may be legal, driving while high is not. Thus, CDOT hopes that this billboard might raise awareness about the dangers that are posed when you choose to drive high. Considering the fact that 20% of DUIs this year involved some form of marijuana use, this initiative has a very valid basis.

Think Before You Get Behind the Wheel

As Denver accident lawyers, we see plenty of collisions that could have been prevented. These are some of the most difficult to handle, as they tend to involve high emotions even well after the fact. So, although this may not be the kind of billboard everyone wants to see on a daily basis, it has an important and resonant message for everyone.

We recommend taking the time to talk to the drivers in your family about the importance of driving sober. The more discussion you have now, the greater chance there is of keeping all of your loved ones safe.

That said, accidents can and do happen when you least expect them. And when they do, you won’t want to handle your case on your own. Our team is experienced in handling a variety of personal injury cases and we’re ready to hear from you. So, don’t hesitate to contact us.

When you reach out, we’ll schedule an initial consultation, listen to your story, and help you get back to living your life. Because you don’t deserve to be defined by your accident.