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How Colorado Drivers Should Prepare for Winter Weather

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Our Denver accident lawyer knows that accidents can and do happen in Colorado, especially during winter months when the weather makes roads difficult to travel. Fortunately, there are a number of steps that drivers can take to be prepared before getting behind the wheel when winter comes.

Local Fox affiliate KDVR recently published a helpful checklist for winter driving. Although it includes a number of important tips, the overall message to drivers is to think ahead. That includes getting your car ready for winter, starting with the tires and the battery.

A new law passed in August requires cars to have tires with at least 3/16 tread to drive on state highways in snowy conditions. It also allows motorists to instead use chains or an alternative traction device, like an AutoSock.

Car owners shouldn’t wait until their tires are bald to swap them out, experts told KDVR. That is a dangerous game that can result in an accident, they said.

Similarly, Coloradans who notice that their batteries are starting to dwindle should spring for a new one before some of the coldest weather hits. That is because declining temps can drain the juice from batteries, increasing the risk of being stranded roadside in the middle of the winter.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends drivers take their cars in for a quick check-up. The federal regulator also encourages car owners and lessors to check NHTSA’s website to see if their vehicles have been recalled for defects.

“Visit your mechanic for a tune-up and ask them to check for leaks, badly worn hoses, or other needed parts, repairs, and replacements,” NHTSA says on its website. 

There are also some important sources of information on up to date driving conditions. The Colorado Department of Transportation, for example, offers a real-time road conditions map. KDVR also provides an interactive radar for the latest weather information.

Injured in a Car Accident? A Denver Accident Lawyerr Can Help

Accidents can happen even to the most prepared and careful drivers. 

When a person is injured in a car crash in Colorado, he or she has the right to seek compensation from those responsible. Negligent drivers, defective auto parts manufacturers, and government agencies that leave roads in hazardous condition are among those who may be to blame.

The money damages often available in these cases include compensation for doctors’ bills, property damage, missed wages, and any reduction in earning capacity caused by the injuries. 

Speak with a Denver Accident Lawyer Now 

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