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May is National Bike Month – Bicycle Colorado Throws Gala to Kick-Off the Season

National Bike Month, which began in 1956, is observed in cities all throughout the United States. This year, Bicycle Colorado kicked off the season by holding a fundraiser gala to raise funds that will be used to educate individuals on the benefits of biking and biking safety, as well as advocate to make the state of Colorado one of the most bike-friendly states in the country.

Bike riding is becoming a more common means of transportation throughout Denver and other major U.S. cities. In fact, data obtained from a 2014 survey conducted by the Census Bureau notes that out of 24 cities in the United States, Denver ranked 11th with respect to having the largest number of bikers traveling on area streets.

Based on the city’s population in 2014, 2.5 percent of the individuals in Denver commuted by bike and between the years of 1990 and 2014, the number of individuals commuting by bike grew by over 185 percent.

As your Denver personal injury lawyer knows, bike commuting is on the rise and as such, it is important for all bikers (and vehicle operators) to understand the importance of biking safety.

Stay Safe While Biking

Bike Month sponsors, The League of American Bicyclists, offer bike riders a number of safety tips that can be used to keep everyone safe on Colorado roadways. They refer to the tips as the ABC QUICK CHECK.

Prior to riding your bike, bikers should always be sure to check the air in the tires and be certain they are at the proper pressure indicated on the side of the tire. Riders are also encouraged to closely examine the tires for damage and purchase new tires as needed.

Along those same lines, riders are encouraged to examine their brakes for wear. An indication that the brake pads may need replacing is if they are less than a quarter-inch thick. Also, make sure they are placed properly and not rubbing against the tires. Riders should also be sure that there is still room to put at least their thumbs in between the brake lever after they’ve squeezed the brakes as much as possible.

Bike riders should also test the bike’s chain and cranks. If the bolts are loose, be sure to tighten them prior to riding. You should also ensure the chain is rust-free and free from any other accumulations prior to riding.

QUICK refers to the bike’s quick releases — be sure that each one is closed. Additionally, riders should point them to the rear of the bike in an effort to ensure they do not get inadvertently caught on something.

And lastly, riders are encouraged to CHECK their bikes out by taking a short ride to be certain that everything is working as it is supposed to prior to venturing out for a longer excursion.

Bike riders should make themselves as visible to others on the roadway as possible. This can be achieved by wearing bright and/or reflective clothing and equipping the bike with lights and/or other reflective materials to be sure the bike and biker can be seen, especially during dusk and nighttime hours.

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