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The Brave New World of Medicine

Not too long ago, the idea of implanting a chip in a person’s brain to control neurological disorders such as epilepsy or restore movement in people with paralysis was mere

The Young and the Reckless

Colorado has seen a spike in driving fatalities in which marijuana alone was involved. Your Denver accident attorney notes that the increase started in 2009 when Colorado legalized medical marijuana

The Big Ten Making Big News

In September, University of Michigan Quarterback Shane Morris, suffering visible signs of confusion and dizziness with what later was diagnosed as a concussion, was nevertheless sent back into the game

Synthetic Drugs: Legal But Lethal

Molly. N-Bomb.  Smiles.  Spice.  Bath Salts.  These are all names for synthetic, or designer drugs currently being sold legally in the United States.  The drugs are manufactured to contain chemically-similar

Unsafe Drivers in Unsafe Cars

While parents focus on a variety of risks facing their children–alcohol, drugs, cyber bullying to name a few–there is one that often gets overlooked but claims too many lives. Motor