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Plane Debris Showers Denver Suburb in Scary, Bizarre Incident

Huge pieces of airplane debris recently rained down on the Denver suburbs in a bizarre incident that should serve as a reminder that passengers are not the only ones at risk when a plane malfunctions.

A flight headed to Hawaii from Denver International Airport in late February had to turn around shortly after takeoff because of engine trouble, CNN reports. United Airlines pilots decided to turn back after local cops on the ground in Broomfield said they were getting reports that a plane was dropping debris across the Denver suburbs.

Large pieces of the plane reportedly fell from the clouds with little warning, landing in startled residents’ front yards, a soccer field, and a local park, among other locations, according to CNN. An engine piece even tore a hole through the roof of a home.

“They just started seeing basically what they thought was a plane falling from the sky,”  Rachel Welte of the Broomfield Police Department said during a news conference. “What it was was debris,” she said, describing it as “possibly some exterior pieces of the plane.”

Remarkably, local police said at the time that there had been no reports of injuries on the ground.

The experience was also harrowing for the nearly 250 people aboard the flight. A passenger told CNN that he heard a loud “boom” about 20 minutes into the flight, what the man called “the kind of sound you don’t want to hear when you’re on the airplane.” Another person aboard the plane took cell phone video of the engine disintegrating in the air.

United told CNN that most of the passengers took another United flight to Honolulu while “those who did not wish to travel with us this evening were provided hotel accommodations.”

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