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Pool Safety: Check Out These Tips for Kids

Summer is a time that is full of risks for children. Kids face many different potential dangers, including an increased chance of bicycle and pedestrian accidents while they are off from school and playing outside. However, one of the biggest risks for children’s safety during the summer months comes from swimming pools.

If your child is hurt or killed in a swimming pool accident, it is important to talk with a Colorado Springs personal injury lawyer about your options for recovering compensation. Those who are responsible for the damage your child has endured should be held accountable and made to pay compensation for economic and non-financial losses. 

An attorney can help you to get the money necessary to help your child get high-quality medical care and have the highest possible quality of life after a swimming pool accident has occurred.

Pool Safety Tips for Kids

Swimming pool accidents often cause serious permanent injuries or even fatalities, so every effort should be made to reduce the risk of an incident.

According to North Shore Magazine, there are a number of safety precautions that can be taken to help young children stay safe from swimming pool accidents during the warmer months. These include:

  • Establishing a no running policy Children could slip and fall, hurting themselves in the process. In a worst-case scenario, children could fall into the pool and become unable to get out. Parents and pool owners should prohibit kids from running to reduce the risk. Pool owners should also make sure there aren’t conditions around the pool that could cause a running child to be hurt. For example, uneven surfaces in the pool surround could potentially cause a child to fall and could render the pool owner liable for any resulting losses if the pool owner was found to be negligent in maintaining the pool area and thus responsible for the injuries.
  • Prohibiting diving unless the water is deep enough: Diving into a pool that is too shallow could cause severe spinal cord injuries that leave victims paralyzed. Pool owners should make sure they make clear to guests whether the pool is, or is not, OK to dive into.
  • Limiting cleaner use: A child’s eyes and skin could become irritated and, in some cases, permanent damage can occur if the pool has too many chemicals on. Children could experience very adverse reactions to chemicals, so pool owners need to ensure they’re responsible and don’t put kids into a situation where they use the pool and suffer for it.
  • Securing swimming pools: Pool owners need to make sure the pool area is securely fenced so children are unable to get into the area on their own without help.

Unfortunately, even when precautions are followed, swimming pool accidents can still happen. Pool owners can be held accountable if their actions were considered negligent and if their negligence was the direct cause of injury to children. Contact a Colorado Springs personal injury attorney for help making a case to get compensation of your child was hurt in or around a swimming pool.

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