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Preventing Motorcycle Accidents

Summer is a great time to hit the open road on a motorcycle. Unfortunately, motorcyclists face a substantial risk of being hurt or even killed if they become involved in an accident because they have little to protect them from the force or impact of a collision. If a crash occurs and was caused by a negligent driver, a road defect, or any third party who is irresponsible, Colorado Springs motorcycle accident lawyers should be consulted for help to pursue a claim for compensation.

Preventing accidents should be everyone’s responsibility and it is especially important that motorists in passenger cars – and motorcycle riders – take steps to reduce the likelihood of an accident. Since summer is such a popular time for motorcycle riders, it’s a good time to review some basic safety advice provided by WDTV about preventing motorcycle crashes from occurring. 

Preventing Motorcycle Accidents: What You Need to Know

WDTV consulted with experts to get some advice on the best ways to reduce the likelihood of a motorcycle accident occurring during the warm summer weather when more motorcyclists tend to ride.

The owner of a local bike shop suggested that slowing down could be key to reducing the likelihood of accidents occurring. He indicated that speed is the biggest contributor to collisions and that far too few motorcycle riders or drivers of vehicles actually obey the speed limit. 

When a motorcyclist speeds, there is a risk that he or she will lose control of the bike and become involved in a single vehicle accident. Speeding drivers may also be unable to stop in time to avoid hitting a motorcycle rider who they don’t see until the last minute – and if they become involved in a crash with a motorcyclist, their high speed will increase the chances the crash will be fatal.

Improving visibility is another key way to reduce the likelihood of a crash – and state laws mandating keeping headlights on could help to make it more likely that motorcyclists are able to be seen by vehicles.

A local sheriff also advised that it is most important for motorists to be aware of their surroundings if they want to prevent motorcycle crashes. This applies to both drivers of passenger cars as well as to motorcycle riders – although the sheriff stressed different things to focus on.

For example, drivers should be aware that motorcyclists are frequently on the road during the summer and are harder to see than passenger cars. Drivers are urged to check their blind spots prior to turning and prior to making any lane changes. Motorcyclists, on the other hand, need to watch for sharp curves and areas of the road that are high risk. And, motorcycle riders need to know that drivers of passenger vehicles have blind spots and should be vigilant in making certain that drivers see them.

Unfortunately, even when motorcycle riders are carefully, accidents still happen. If you or a loved one was riding a motorcycle and sustained injuries in a collision caused by a careless driver, you should contact Colorado Springs motorcycle accident lawyers for help as soon as possible in pursuing a claim for compensation.

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