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Skier Dead After Accident at Colorado Mountain Resort

A tragic Colorado skiing accident that left one person dead is yet another tragic reminder of the safety hazards that can come with hitting the slopes.

Job Henning recently died after an accident at the Sunlight Mountain Resort in Glenwood Springs, CBS Denver reports. The 48-year-old Maryland resident, husband, and father of three was reportedly skiing with his teenage daughter at the time.

Henning was found unresponsive at the base of a tree and rushed to a nearby hospital. A local coroner later ruled the cause of death as accidental blunt force trauma.

The tragic accident is not the only recent reminder of the dangers of skiing. 

The Eldora Mountain Ski Resort saw two deaths – one a skier and the other a snowboarder – in less than 24 hours in early March. Those two accidents came shortly after a pair of skiers were injured on the mountain when they collided on the slopes.

A reportedly intoxicated skier was recently charged with a crime after allegedly crashing into an 11-year-old girl at the Snowmass Ski Area.

Legal Rights for the Family of People Killed in Ski Accidents

Anyone who has lost a loved one in a ski accident in Colorado has the right to seek compensation from those responsible, whether it is the resort owner or another skier.

There is no amount of money that can allow you to turn back the clock, stop the accident from happening and bring back your loved one. Compensation for medical bills, funeral costs, and loss of income and support can, however, help ease some of the financial burdens that often come with losing a loved one.

To get that compensation, you need to be able to prove liability. Colorado’s Ski Safety generally makes ski resort operators liable for injuries that are not related to the inherent dangers of hitting the slopes. That includes everything from a chairlift accident to a slip and fall on a slick floor in a resort restaurant.

Skiers also have a legal responsibility to take basic precautions when hitting the slopes. A skier who does not live up to this responsibility – whether it is by ignoring basic safety measures or drinking and skiing – is likely to be considered negligent and responsible for any accidents that happen as a result. 

How a Denver Accident Attorney Can Help

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Our lawyers understand the pain and stress that comes with losing a loved one. A Denver accident attorney at our firm will guide you through the legal process with experience and personalized attention. 

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