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The Holidays: Road Rage on Steroids

Holiday stress isn’t just evident on Black Friday where people compete for the best deals…or in malls where last-minute shoppers look hurriedly for that special gift…or at offices and schools where people are trying to tie up work and projects by year’s end. Holiday stress shows up on roadways as road rage–on steroids. Combine uber road rage with more crowded roads due to seasonal travelers and party-goers, and uber trouble can result. Your Denver auto accident attorney has some helpful tips for reducing stress and the road rage that can go with it:

  1. Although you may be in a hurry and tempted to step on the gas or weave in and out of congested lanes of traffic to find that “short cut,” resist the urge. Instead, plan ahead and include extra time to reach your destination.
  2. Don’t tailgate! Not only is it a top trigger of road rage incidents and fender-benders, but your mom was right: it really doesn’t get you there any faster.
  3. Plan trips at off-peak hours if possible. With retail establishments open almost around the clock, and many service industries offering extended holiday hours, take advantage of some not-so-popular road time.
  4. Start off calm, alert and focused. If you are already tired and frustrated when you are ready to get in your car, don’t get in if you can avoid it. If you have to drive while stressed, take deep breaths, listen to soothing music, and do not engage with other aggressive drivers.

What do you do if, despite your best efforts, you are caught in a road rage situation? Your Denver auto accident attorney cautions that the difference between a road rage incident and a full-blown accident or attack is escalation. When someone tailgates you, cuts you off, swerves into a parking space in front of you, drives under the speed limit in a no-passing zone makes rude, crude and profane gestures toward you, you may badly want to respond and may even feel entitled to give back a little of what you are getting.

But that only escalates a bad situation into a worse one. So does stopping to “discuss” the incident. Chances are that if someone is doing any of the above, “discussion” isn’t likely to follow, but physical blows and even gunshots might. Unfortunately, this sort of escalation is becoming increasingly common as tensions rise.

Instead of stopping, try to get the license plate number of the aggressive driver and call the police with the information regarding the incident. If an accident has occurred, let the police talk with the other driver to collect information. Your best course of action is to call your Denver auto accident attorney at Levine Law for advice on how best to proceed. Your attorney can help you recover for any property damages such as auto repairs to a damaged vehicle, and any medical expenses for personal injuries arising from the accident. 

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