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Three Types of Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is dangerous and those who are hurt in a motor vehicle crash caused by a distracted motorist should be certain to reach out to a Colorado Springs accident law firm. With help from an attorney, a distracted driver may be held accountable for causing a crash and made to compensate victims for all losses the victims incurred because of the accident.

Unfortunately, despite the risks for both the distracted driver and other motorists on the road, distracted driving remains a very common and prevalent problem.  In fact, distracted driving caused around 424,000 injuries in accidents and another 3,154 fatalities in collisions, according to Esurance.

It’s important to fully understand just how high risk distracted driving is so you can avoid making the mistake of paying attention to anything besides the road.  It is also important to understand exactly what it means to drive distracted. While many people think of cell phones or electronic devices as the only sources of distraction, there are actually many ways your focus could be taken off the road and your risk of accidents could thus increase.

Three Primary Types of Distracted Driving

Recently, Esurance provided information on the three different kinds of distracted driving that could create a risk both for the vehicle operator who is not paying attention and for every other motorist on the road.

According to Esurance, the three primary kinds of distraction while driving include:

  • Cognitive distraction: A driver who is experiencing a cognitive distraction is focusing his mind on something other than safe vehicle operation. This could mean the driver is daydreaming or is thinking about a family or work related issue. A driver listening to a song on the radio or an audiobook or podcast could also end up paying too much attention to the music or words and not enough attention to the road.
  • Manual distraction: A manual distraction occurs when a driver physically removes his or her hands from the wheel instead of keeping focused on navigating the vehicle at all times. Drivers who enter data into a GPS while driving or who eat while they are driving fit into the category of motorists with manual distractions.
  • Visual distraction: Visual distractions happen when a driver has taken his or her eyes off of the road and is looking at anything else besides what is in front of him. If a driver is looking at a GPS or phone instead of paying careful attention to the road up ahead, this is a driver who is visually distracted and who faces an increased risk of motor vehicle accidents because of it.

Whatever type of distracted driving was involved in causing an accident you were involved in, you need to understand what your rights are. A Colorado Springs accident law firm can provide you with help in determining if you have a case against the person who hurt you and in pursuing a claim if necessary to hold that person accountable. To find out more about how an attorney can help, give us a call today.

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