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Truck Accidents and Car Accidents: What’s the Difference?

Being involved in any kind of motor vehicle accident is a traumatic event, even if it turns out to be relatively minor.

Of course, in many circumstances, car accidents result in serious injuries and even death. So, as far as what the potential is for harm, there really is no difference between car accidents and truck accidents from the injured victim’s point of view. But when a passenger vehicle is hit by a commercial 18-wheeler truck, there is a much higher chance that injuries could be catastrophic.

Recovery for damages in connection with injuries can also be more complicated when it comes to an accident involving a large semi-truck, which is why it is important to connect with Colorado Springs truck accident attorneys if you are involved in a crash with a large truck.

Catastrophic Injuries

Accidents with trucks often cause catastrophic injuries, requiring that you receive medical care for the rest of your life. Your ability to earn a living could be eliminated or severely limited. You may experience pain and suffer from emotional distress for your entire life.

Common types of catastrophic injuries victims in crashes with large trucks experience include:

  • Spinal cord injuries or paralysis, which can result in loss of motion and loss of nerve sensation below the area where the injury occurred
  • Traumatic brain injuries ranging from concussion to coma and permanent brain damage, all of which can permanently alter a victim’s cognitive abilities and mood
  • Amputationsresulting in impaired mobility and other significant complications.
  • Damage to internal organs and internal bleeding that can cause significant complications

Complexity of Truck Accidents

Not only do accidents with 18-wheelers often result in catastrophic injury, they also present more complexity when it comes to establishing causation and responsibility. Responsible parties could include the truck diver, the trucker company he or she works for, and/or the company or companies that manufactured the truck and its parts.

An attorney representing victims in large truck accidents should be familiar with the myriad of rules and regulations that trucking companies and truck owners and drivers must follow before they can legally and safely drive on the roadways. A Colorado Springs truck accident attorney will be able to ascertain whether or not these rules were followed and whether and how this may have contributed to a serious or fatal crash.

How Colorado Springs Truck Accident Attorneys Can Help

It is important that, as soon as possible after an accident with a large truck, that your attorney begins to gather the evidence to show that the driver, trucking company, or manufacturer was at fault for the crash. For this reason, it imperative you choose a highly experienced Colorado Springs truck accident attorney who knows how to get the evidence needed to prove your case.

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