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Trucker Convicted of Vehicular Homicide for Colorado Crash That Killed Four

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The driver of a truck that caused a massive accident on Interstate 70 in which four people were killed was recently found guilty on 27 criminal counts, including vehicular homicide.

Rogel Aguilera-Mederos, who was driving the 18-wheeler that caused the crash in 2019, was found guilty after a trial in Jefferson County, The Denver Post reports. He is set to be sentenced in December and could face decades behind bars.

Prosecutors alleged that Aguilera-Mederos continued driving at high speeds despite knowing that his truck’s brakes were failing. They said he blew past a runaway truck off-ramp that he could have used to avoid the crash and eventually slammed into standstill traffic under a bridge near Colorado Mills Parkway in Lakewood.

“This is the result of the defendant doing anything but caring about others that were on the road that day,” Deputy District Attorney Kayla Wildeman told the jury during closing arguments, according to The Denver Post.

Another six people were injured in the crash. The truck was carrying a full load of lumber, which went up in flames. The temperature on the ground reportedly reached 2,500 degrees, and the stretch of highway was shut for some 24 hours.

Money Damages for People Injured in Colorado Truck Accidents

Aguilera-Mederos and his former trucking company may also very well face civil liability in lawsuits by the families of the people killed and those injured in the crash. Such truck accident and car crash cases are completely separate from any criminal prosecution stemming from a collision.

Anyone who has been injured in a traffic accident in Colorado has the right to seek compensation from those responsible, whether it is a negligent truck driver or a road crew that leaves a driving surface in a dangerous condition. 

The money damages in these cases include compensation for doctors’ bills, vehicle damage, missed wages during recovery and any long-term impacts of the injuries on a person’s ability to earn a living or enjoy daily life. In the tragic case that a person is killed in an accident, his or her family can seek similar compensation by suing for wrongful death.

How a Denver Auto Accident Lawyer Can Help

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