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What Insurers Don’t Want You to Know if You’ve Been Hurt in an Auto Accident

After you’ve been involved in an automobile collision, you may have thoughts of simply dealing with the insurance company on your own without any guidance from an attorney. But most Denver automobile accident lawyers will tell you that when it comes to handling an accident claim, insurers are not necessarily “on your side.”

Insurance companies are businesses and, of course, most businesses want to make money – not lose it. That said, insurers are not in a hurry to make huge payouts to accident victims, but rather, they want to pay victims as little as possible in order to keep more money in the business’ coffers.

Our lawyers have dealt with insurance companies on a regular basis, and over the years, we have become aware of a few “tricks of the trade” when it comes to insurers. You should be aware that there are a few things that they don’t want you to know – but we are here to help enlighten victims so they are not victimized twice in one incident.

Trick #1: Admit Fault…Please!

It is perfectly okay for you to express concern over the injuries sustained by the other parties involved in the accident. But whatever you do, NEVER admit fault for the collision. In fact, don’t even discuss what happened. Insurers want you to admit fault because once you accept partial blame or admit fault for the accident, the insurance company might be able to hold you responsible for the costs related to the incident.

Trick #2: No Need to Keep Records

When you work with an attorney after an accident, you will likely be advised to keep thorough records of everything related to your accident, particularly with respect to the expenses incurred. Of course, insurers don’t particularly want you to be able to show your expenses because they want to be able to offer you as low a settlement offer as possible. That said, it is crucial for you to keep all accident-related receipts in order to include them as part of your claim. This includes receipts for all goods and services directly related to the accident, such as prescription drug costs, car rental fees and home care services.

Trick #3: Don’t Spend Time Taking Pictures

Whenever you are involved in an automobile crash, it is imperative for you to take pictures of all automobiles involved in the collision. Pictures should be taken from multiple angles as well, ensuring that any damages sustained are clearly visible. Insurers don’t want you to do that because that will serve to help strengthen your case and probably result in an increased payout amount because of the clear-cut evidence that shows the extent of the damages.

Trick #4: Sure, We’ll Pay Your Medical Bills and Lost Wages…No Problem!

Depending on the severity of your accident, the insurance company may jump at the opportunity to offer to pay your medical bills and lost wages. To some injured individuals, that may sound like a fabulous deal. But what an insurer won’t tell victims is that if they work with a knowledgeable accident lawyer, he or she could help them recover even more compensation than would cover future earnings, as well as pain and suffering.

Trick #5: Please Don’t Report Any Injuries!

When accident victims fail to report all of their injuries, they often miss out on potential compensation to cover the costs related to those injuries. Even if you’re suffering from something that seems minor or insignificant at the time of the collision, be sure to let the police, as well as a physician, know. Insurers often use a victim’s failure to report all injuries against them in an effort to deny a payout when it comes time to settle or go to court.

If you have been involved in a crash and have questions about how your case or claim should be handled, contact Levine Law right away for help.

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