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What Parents Need to Know About Teen Driver Accidents in Colorado

As a parent, learning that your teen driver has been involved in an accident can be an emotionally challenging experience. Unfortunately, it can also be expensive; and, if your child suffers severe traumatic injuries, it can be an experience that changes the rest of his or her life.

When most people hear that a teen driver was involved in an accident, their immediate reaction is to assume that the teen driver must have been to blame. But, while accident rates among teen drivers are indisputably high, it is also possible – and indeed common – for teens to be injured in accidents caused by adult drivers. As a result, if your teen has been injured in a crash, it is important not to make any assumptions regarding liability. You should make sure you have all of the facts before you rush to judgment; and, if the insurance companies are trying to blame your teen for an accident that was not his or her fault, you should take appropriate action to protect your family’s right to financial recovery.

3 Key Facts for Parents of Injured Teen Drivers

1. Adults Drive Distracted, Too.

While distracted driving awareness campaigns often focus on teen drivers, the statistics show that adults are becoming increasingly distracted behind the wheel as well. In fact, a study conducted by AT&T found that a higher percentage of adults admitted to texting while driving than teens. Distracted driving is a pervasive issue, and it has quickly become a leading cause of car accidents in the United States. If your teen was injured in an accident caused by a distracted driver of any age, your family may be entitled to compensation for your teen’s medical bills and other losses.

2. You May Have an Insurance Claim Even if Your Teen was Partially at Fault.

Under Colorado law, you may have an insurance claim even if your teen was partially at fault in the accident. As long as your teen was not primarily responsible for causing the collision, you can still seek to recover at least a portion of your teen’s accident-related losses. If your teen suffered a spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury (TBI), or any other disabling injury, securing this compensation could be critical to your family’s financial stability and your teen’s long-term health and wellbeing.

3. Taking Action Promptly is the Key to Protecting Your Family’s Legal Rights.

To find out if your family is entitled to financial compensation for your teen driver’s car accident, it is important that you take action as soon as possible. This means (i) seeking medical attention for your teen’s injuries right away, and (ii) speaking with a local injury attorney about your family’s rights. At Levine Law, we have decades of experience representing car accident victims in the Denver area, and we can make sure you and your family receive the financial compensation you deserve.

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