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At Levine Law, we understand the devastating impact an underride truck accident can have on your life. The severity of these accidents may result in serious injuries and fatalities.

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How Do Underride Truck Accidents Happen?

Underride truck accidents are scary and complicated events.  An underride accident occurs when a vehicle ends up either partially or fully underneath the trailer, or any part, of a larger truck. These incidents can happen for a few reasons. 

Sudden Stops and Speeding

One primary cause is the speed and stopping distance difference between a truck and a smaller vehicle. When a truck suddenly stops, a following car can slide beneath the truck because it is moving too quickly to react in time.

Inadequate Lighting and Faulty Equipment

Poorly lit trucks and missing or damaged underride guards significantly increase the risk of an underride accident. Without proper lighting, it makes it difficult for smaller vehicles to recognize and avoid the danger of colliding with, and then sliding underneath, a nearby truck.

Visibility and Road Conditions

Low visibility conditions, such as during severe weather or driving at night, and challenging road conditions, like slippery surfaces or uneven pavement, can lead to dangerous situations in which cars cannot avoid a collision with a truck.  In these conditions, vehicles often end up in a slide and out of control, making an underride accident more probable.

At Levine Law, we leverage our understanding of how underride truck accidents happen to provide comprehensive support to our clients. 

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Common Injuries in Truck Underride Accidents

When a smaller vehicle gets trapped under a truck in an underride accident, the injuries can be severe and life-changing. Our Denver underride truck accident lawyers have seen firsthand the impact these injuries can have. 

Here are some common injuries victims may suffer.

Head and Brain Injuries

In underride accidents, the top of a vehicle often crushes down, which can lead to serious head and brain injuries. These might include concussions or more severe traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), which can have long-term effects on a person’s health, behavior, and ability to work.

Spinal Cord Injuries

The force of an underride accident can cause damage to the spine. This can result in partial or complete paralysis, along with other debilitating conditions that might require a lifetime of care and adjustments to living situations.

Broken Bones and Lacerations

The violent nature of underride crashes often results in broken bones and deep cuts. These injuries can be painful, require surgeries, and lead to prolonged recovery.

Emotional Trauma

Beyond physical injuries, underride accidents can leave deep emotional scars, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and depression. The psychological impact can affect every aspect of a victim’s life.

At Levine Law, we understand the physical and emotional toll these accidents can take on victims and their families. This understanding drives us to offer the most compassionate and thorough support as we seek justice for those affected. 

The Impact of Trucking Regulations on Accident Claims

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) sets nationwide safety standards for trucking companies and drivers. These include regulations on vehicle maintenance, the installation of underride guards, and the hours a driver can operate. 

Violations of these standards can significantly influence the outcome of underride accident claims by establishing negligence.

State and Local Trucking Laws

State and local laws may impose additional requirements on truck drivers and companies, such as stricter safety measures or specific permits for operating in certain areas. Understanding the interplay between these regulations and federal standards is crucial for building a strong case.

Compliance and Liability

Demonstrating a trucking company’s or driver’s failure to comply with relevant regulations is often a key element of proving liability in underride accident claims. Evidence of non-compliance can strengthen a victim’s case, highlighting negligence and reinforcing their right to compensation.

At Levine Law, we understand trucking regulations at all levels and thoroughly investigate each case to uncover any violations that could impact your claim. 

Compensation for Victims of Underride Truck Accidents in Denver

Underride Truck Accidents In the aftermath of an underride truck accident in Denver, victims and their families can pursue various forms of compensation to address the physical, emotional, and financial damages incurred. 

The recoverable damages typically include, but are not limited to, the following:

Medical Expenses

Victims can seek compensation for immediate medical costs such as emergency treatment, surgery, hospitalization, and medication. Long-term care costs like rehabilitation, physical therapy, and any necessary medical equipment are also recoverable.

Lost Wages and Earning Capacity

Compensation can cover the loss of income during the recovery period, as well as diminished earning capacity, if the victim suffers from long-term disabilities that prevent them from returning to their previous employment or working at all.

Property Damage

This includes reimbursement for repairing or replacing personal property damaged in the accident, notably the victim’s vehicle.

Pain and Suffering

Compensation may be awarded for both physical pain and emotional distress caused by the accident, including anxiety, depression, and the loss of enjoyment of life.

Wrongful Death and Funeral Expenses

In the tragic event that an underride truck accident results in fatalities, the surviving family members can file a wrongful death claim, seeking damages for funeral and burial expenses, loss of financial support, and loss of companionship.

Punitive Damages

In certain cases where the negligence demonstrated by the truck driver or trucking company is especially egregious, punitive damages may be awarded to punish the offender and deter similar negligent behavior in the future.

Victims and their families should consult with our experienced Denver personal injury attorneys specializing in trucking accidents. We can help you assess all possible damages and secure the compensation you deserve.


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