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How to Keep Minor Collisions From Turning Into Deadly Accidents

Becoming involved in a car accident can be very frightening, even if the collision is a minor one. It can be difficult to know what to do in the aftermath of the accident, especially when you’re coping with the shock of being in a crash. Unfortunately, in the moments after an accident, it is imperative that you react quickly in order to get to safety so you do not let a minor accident escalate into a deadly collision.

WTOP recently provided insight into what you need to do after a crash so you can reduce the risk that it will become far more serious than it started as. Taking proactive steps to prevent serious injury is vital, and you should make certain that you know in advance what to do so you’ll be better prepared in the heat of the moment.

How to Keep Minor Car Accidents from Escalating Into Deadly Crashes

According to WTOP, a recent tragic accident illustrated why it is so important to know what to do in the aftermath of a collision. 

A minor collision had occurred between two different Honda Pilots at an intersection at around 3:00 AM.  No one was hurt in that accident. Unfortunately, two of the people who were involved in the fender bender got out of the vehicle and were standing near their car when a BMW traveling in a Southbound direction struck them, killing one of them and sending the other to the hospital.

In response to the tragedy, police offered safety tips to try to prevent future similar incidents from occurring. The police recommended that when a minor collision occurs and no one is seriously hurt in the accident, the motorists involved in the crash should move all of the cars off of the road – provided that the cars are drivable.

At a minimum the vehicles should be moved to the road shoulder. If possible, it is best to get to a safe place near to where the crash scene happened, such as moving to a nearby parking lot. By getting the cars – and yourself – out of the road and away from traffic, you can prevent a secondary crash from occurring.

While you are required by law to exchange contact information before leaving a crash scene, if you and the other driver move to a safer nearby location in order to exchange information, this would not be a violation of that regulation. It could potentially save your life.

However, police do warn that if you are completely by yourself, you should be careful about deciding where to move to and should avoid going to any location that is not public.

You should also call the police to the crash scene as soon as possible – and calling the police to the scene can be especially important in circumstances where you are unable to move your car.

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