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Stolen Car Accident Kills Colorado Man, Lands Driver in Handcuffs

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A driver who police say caused a fatal multi-car crash while evading cops in a stolen vehicle is now behind bars in Longmont, CBS4 reports.

The 37-year-old driver of the stolen car caused the late October collision, which left a 93-year-old man dead, according to local police. The accident at the intersection of East 9th Avenue and Pace Street also reportedly caused at least three others to be injured.

The unidentified stolen car driver could be charged with vehicular homicide or first-degree murder, Longmont Deputy Police Chief Jeff Satur told CBS4.

“Essentially I would liken it to firing a gun through an intersection,” Satur said. “It’s extremely dangerous, and that’s what this person did today.”

The situation began when cops tried to pull the man over because they believed he was driving a stolen car, CBS4 reports. He sped away quickly and minutes later slammed broadside into the 93-year-old man’s sedan, which then rolled over. 

An Uber driver and passenger were reportedly injured when the vehicle in which they were traveling was also struck.

“We are also exploring whether or not alcohol or drugs were involved,” Satur said.

Legal Rights for People Who Have Lost a Loved One in a Colorado Car Crash

Although the circumstances of this particular crash are out of the ordinary, fatal accidents can and do happen in Colorado and across the country. A total of 57 lives have been lost in car accidents in Denver alone this year. 

Not everyone who causes a fatal car accident in Denver will face criminal charges. They may still, however, be legally responsible for the injuries and property damage that results from the crash.

Certain family members of a person who dies in an auto accident in Colorado have the right to seek compensation from those responsible by suing for wrongful death. The money damages in these cases include compensation for medical and burial costs as well as the loss of the person’s financial and emotional support.

To get that compensation, you have to be able to prove liability. It is vital to seek the assistance of an experienced car accident lawyer.

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