Seatbelt Injuries

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Common Seatbelt Injuries After a Crash

At Levine Law, our Denver car accident attorneys help people injured in a wide range of crashes get back on their feet with the compensation that they deserve. Here are some of the most common injuries related to seatbelts that we see.

Cuts, Bruises, Abrasions

When accidents happen, seatbelts can cause painful scrapes and cuts as the belt material rubs against a person’s clothing or skin. These injuries can happen across the waist or abdomen, caused by the belt’s horizontal strap, or impact the neck and chest. Cuts and scrapes should be treated as soon as possible to reduce pain and avoid infection.

Shoulder Injuries

The pressure applied by a seatbelt during a collision may cause injuries to the muscles and tendons around the shoulder. These injuries are not life-threatening, but they can make daily activities much harder until the damage heals.

Fractured and Broken Ribs

The force required to restrain a person during a crash can sometimes be strong enough to bruise or even fracture or break ribs and other bones. These are some of the most painful injuries commonly caused by seatbelts, causing breathing issues and discomfort that can last for months in some situations. 

Although the treatment required depends on the specific nature of the injury, bruised, fractured or broken ribs require immediate medical attention. A doctor should check to make sure that you have not also injured internal organs.

Chest and Sternum Injuries

The sternum is the bone located in the middle of the chest. It can be injured as a result of the restraining force of the portion of a seatbelt that runs across the chest and helps prevent people from striking heads when jolted forward in an accident. Chest and sternum pain following a crash should be treated seriously because it could be a sign of more serious injury to the heart, lungs and other organs.

How a Denver Seatbelt Injury Lawyer Can Help

At Levine Law, we help people and families injured in car crashes get the full compensation available, whether it is from insurers, negligent drivers, shoddy vehicle manufacturers or other parties. We are pleased to serve clients throughout Colorado, including Denver, Colorado Springs, Ft. Collins and Loveland. Call us at 303-333-8000 or contact us online to speak with a Denver seatbelt injury lawyer.

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