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Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers for Seniors and Families in Denver, CO

According to some studies, physical abuse in nursing homes is more common than neglect. This is a startling finding and one that underscores just how important it is for family members of nursing home residents to monitor their loved ones’ care.

However, despite the potentially-severe physical and emotional effects of this type of abuse, it is not always easy to tell whether an elderly resident has been abused. Residents are often uncomfortable talking about being mistreated; and, in some cases, they may not be sure whether they have been abused. Verbal threats and intimidation from abusive staff members can prevent aging residents from speaking out about mistreatment as well, and some injuries can be consistent with causes other than abuse.

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Legal Representation for Nursing Home Residents Who Have Been Abused

What all of this means is this: If you have any concerns about physical abuse in a nursing home, you need to say something. You need to seek help, and you need to understand that you may not be able to trust what nursing home staff tell you. At Levine Law, we have decades of experience representing nursing home residents and families in the Denver area. If you or a loved one has been victimized, we can help you. We can put a stop to the abuse and can make sure your family receives the financial compensation you deserve.

3 Facts about Physical Abuse in Nursing Homes

1. Physical Abuse Should Not Happen

It is never okay for a staff member or other resident to physically abuse a senior living in a nursing home. From employment screening to monitoring of common areas, nursing homes should have adequate safeguards in place to protect their residents from physical abuse. Nursing homes should take action at the first sign of physical abuse, and they should never try to hide the fact that a resident has been abused.

2. Nursing Homes are Liable for Physical Abuse

While physical abuse is perpetrated by individuals, nursing homes can – and should – be held liable for physical abuse that occurs on their premises. Nursing homes in Colorado have a duty to protect their residents; and, when they fail to meet this duty, they deserve to be held accountable.

3. The Consequences of Physical Abuse Can Be Severe

From physical pain to emotional trauma, the consequences of physical abuse in nursing homes can be severe. Untreated injuries can also lead to infections and other complications; and, in the worst cases, residents may never fully recover. When you suspect physical abuse, prompt action is critical. The sooner you seek help, the sooner your loved one can receive treatment, and the sooner we can help put an end to the abuse.

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